Flag Status

The Oklahoma flag is at half-staff today.

Governor Kevin Stitt has signed Executive Order 2020-27, calling for all American and Oklahoma flags on state property to be lowered to half-staff immediately, and until the day of interment, as a mark of respect for the memory and longstanding service of United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Once a date of interment has been established, there will be another notification to direct when American and Oklahoma flags will be returned to full-staff.

Aditionally, Governor Stitt signed Executive Order 2020-28 and Executive Order 2020-29continuing flags at half-staff to honor the life and service of former Senator Mark Snyder and former Representative Neil Brannon.

About the Oklahoma Flag

Title 25 Oklahoma Statutes, Section 91:

A. The banner, or flag, of the design prescribed by Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 25, Third Legislature of the State of Oklahoma shall be, and it hereby is superseded and replaced by the following design, to wit: 

A sky blue field with a circular rawhide shield of an American Indian Warrior, decorated with six painted crosses on the face thereof, the lower half of the shield to be fringed with seven pendant eagle feathers and superimposed upon the face of the shield a calumet or peace pipe, crossed at right angles by an olive branch, as illustrated by the design accompanying this resolution, and underneath said shield or design in white letters shall be placed the word "Oklahoma", and the same is hereby adopted as the official flag and banner of the State of Oklahoma.